Kumpen and Longin go for podium together with Mollekens and Bouvy in Spa 24 Hours.

Without any doubt, 2008 is a difficult year for PK Carsport drivers Anthony Kumpen and Bert Longin. Last year both Belgian drivers came to the Spa 24 Hours, ready to take the lead in the FIA GT Championship and this year they’re only seventh with three points, 21 less than the leaders in the rankings. But Kumpen and Longin remain optimistic and with Kurt Mollekens and Fred Bouvy in support, they still want to score a third consecutive podium in these mythical 24 Hours of Spa.

“One might say that we are optimistic and that this message is a simple PR text, but that isn’t the case", explains Anthony Kumpen. “This is a difficult year, that’s obvious. But a race over 24 hours is different. Pure speed is less important and we count on our reliability, strategy and drivers capabilities. Together with Fred and Kurt, we want that third consecutive podium finish. We’re highly delighted that the guys remained faithful, even though we’re experiencing a very difficult year. This is the sequel of United 4 Belgium."

“The same team, but with a different car… and a different look and colour. Similar to last year, we’re coming to Spa with a car that will look different. Our white Saleen will be red, thanks to our sponsor Gordon… Belgium will count four more Red Devils…", Bert Longin jokes. “I fully agree with Anthony and I hope that if luck is on our side and we do what we have to, then we’ll finish at the front on Sunday afternoon. Personally, I’m ready to fight, both physically and mentally. We will not be out front during qualifying, our Saleen is not fast enough, but after a long and hard race we’ll be still there."

“I never hesitated to come back", Kurt Mollekens comments. “PK Carsport is a top team and they’re capable of putting down a very strong performance in such a long race. The team has a lot of experience and strategy will make the difference. Think of their very fast pit stops, the number of times you have to stop and that’s already one reason why PK Carsport remains an outsider for the race. I drove a Saleen in the 2007 Spa 1000 Km and I was very impressed with the car. It’s a fast car, with a stunning road-holding. Last week, we tested in Vallelunga and I felt really comfortable. The only difference with our Corvette of the past few seasons is that the Saleen has little experience over 24 Hours. But let’s not be too negative about that."

The fourth driver of the team is Fred Bouvy. “There was never a doubt that I would come back. This is a top team and that’s what it is all about. The Saleen should be very good at Spa, as the long fast corners suit the S7R and during the test session in Italy last week, I felt very much at one with the car. The car is also very comfortable, as it is not too hot inside. And last but not least, we’re racing in front of our home-crowd…"