PK Carsport – 2008 / FIA GT R7 BRNO PK-Carsport Saleen hit off.

BRNO. PK-Carsport has had a very tragical weekend in Brno, Czech Republic, where the seventh round of the FIA GT Championship took place. After a magnificent qualifying, with Anthony Kumpen finishing as high as third, the young Belgian driver was hit off in a race incident right after the start, which put an end to the race of the Saleen SR7.

The free practice sessions were excellent and the team was very confident for the qualifying on Saturday evening. In qualifying, Kumpen was indeed very quick and set the Saleen on an excellent third place and proved his team right.
“The work of the team and Pirelli is starting to pay off", explained the driver after the session. “We are on a good way and after a difficult start of the season, we prove to be a strong team. Bucharest was already good, with a result that could have been a podium and this time I’m sure we’ll make our way to the top."
“My start was good even if Muller got past me. The car was feeling all right and I knew my time would come", explained a bitterly disappointed Anthony Kumpen after the race. “Some corners later, Muller tried to overtake Hezemans and he didn’t succeed. Both cars touched and the car of Hezemans touched mine very badly. My suspension was hit and my race was over, due to a unnecessary move of Muller…"

“We’ve had a bitter year so far and I guess we’ll have to except this as well", explains Bert Longin. “But let’s not forget all the good work and we’ll be very strong at Nogaro in three weeks time."